You hate Walmart. Or do you?

Admit it. You hate Walmart. Do you want to know why you hate Walmart? Oh I know you think you know. Chinese made products, unfair labor practices, no healthcare for employees. I understand why you think you hate Walmart. But that’s not why you hate Walmart.
You know why you hate Walmart?
I’ll tell you. But first let me tell you how I know you that it’s not really Walmart that you hate. Walmart is just a symbol. Because everything at Target is made in China. Everything everywhere you shop is made in China. Because Kroger and Kohls and Macy’s don’t pay any better than Walmart. Denny’s doesn’t have a great health plan either. But you don’t protest them do you? You don’t make Facebook pages attacking them do you?
Here’s what you really hate. You hate that someone can make it big. Without extra help. Without a leg up. You hate that someone has done what no government on earth has accomplished. Jobs for millions. Inexpensive food, medicine, clothing for countless rural and inner city poor. Walmart has accomplished what your precious government programs have failed to even approach: abundance for the masses. The poor can have the latest fashion, the most abundant food, the latest advances in healthcare and medicine and electronics. Not because of government. In spite of government.
Yes, you hate the idea of Walmart. But not because Walmart has failed. Rather because Walmart has succeeded where government has failed.

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