Halloween should be on a Saturday

What could be scarier in a post about Halloween than a picture of the blue screen of death?


As you can see from this picture, my computer, like HAL 9000, couldn’t let me post about changing Halloween. I was going to write about how we can make Easter always on a Sunday and Thanksgiving always on a Thursday so why not Halloween on a Saturday?

I was going to go on to write about how the kids trick or treating on a Tuesday or even a Sunday is just tough.  School the next day. Work the next day.  I mean (I was going to write), how can I be expected to come home, get the beer on ice, start the campfire, get the kids into their costumes, drink the beer, find the trick or treat bags, etc… on a Tuesday. Or a Monday.

Then I was going to tie it into other drinking holidays.  Like Memorial Day (why on a Monday? I was going to ask.)  And what’s with Superbowl “Sunday”?  The biggest party day of the year and everyone is expected to work the next day.  I was planning to write that St. Patrick’s Day, under no circumstances should ever be on a Sunday or Monday.

My eloquent, convincing rant, though, must end up on the heap of Windows XP garbage history.  Because my HAL 9000 decided to crash just as I was starting.

Sorry about that.

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