Silent Progress

I have been writing every day. You just haven’t seen the results. First, I have been writing down at least 10 ideas every day on my waiter’s pads. Just like James Altucher recommended. That’s 70 ideas a week. Most of them are bad ideas. After about 12 to 24 weeks, I’m told, I will be an idea machine. We’ll see. At least I’m developing a discipline of writing. Second, I am working on this blog every day. I have two posts in progress that are more long form than you or I am used to. Here’s a super brief preview:

1. What if… an origin story is about my early days as a college student. It includes my introduction to true competition and the culture shock that probably created my dysthymic condition.

2. Broke 30 is a brief history of my recent personal financial woes. This one is turning out to be long because it may be the genesis of an actual book about going from the brink of disaster to a life of abundance (still working on the title).

I will continue working on those two longer posts and may start more. Meanwhile, I will try to post more regularly in the short form – in case anybody cares…

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