This Book will Terrify You (if I ever get around to writing it)

Amongst Us: A History of the Russian Takeover of the United States

“At what point…is the approach of danger to be expected? … If it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us…”
Abraham Lincoln, Lyceum Address
January 1838

The Second War of Independence has been over for a decade. This book is a history of the period from about 30 years prior to the Russian Takeover until the American people finally re-took the country.

It recounts how, starting at the beginning of the 21st century, the American people became used to the ever increasing presence of armed security personnel in everyday life. Airports, concerts, parades, the mall, even our kids’ schools were always under the watchful eye of armed guards – police, paramilitary security groups, private security contractors. After a string of attacks on public places and the deaths of dozens of people – including little kids – it was nothing to see a tank-like vehicle with a group of M-16 toting tough guys hanging around the school carnival. It was assumed that this was the price of freedom. To be free to move around without fear of being blown up or gunned down by a terrorist, people were willing to put up with this increased paramilitary presence.

The Russians are patient. They have endured for centuries. They take the time (years, even decades) to train thousands of Russian spec ops forces to be like Americans. From how they hold their weapons, to the way they speak, to the little jokes they make. They set up security contractor firms in the U.S. They get larger and larger contracts for more and more sensitive and high value events, schools, government buildings, TV and Radio, etc. Meanwhile, they infiltrate the National Guards, the FBI, and other government security organizations. In a coordinated attack over the course of a week or so, they seize buildings and kidnap high-level officials in the government, military, and other domestic security agencies. Abroad, they use the confusion and lack of reliable information to freeze the U.S. military into non-action. Wackiness ensues.

There will be some hero who rises from the ashes and leads a rebellion against the Russian oppressors. Spoiler alert: the American people win the war and kick out the Russians. After 10 years of freedom, the leaders of the new country are still working out how to maintain their freedom, how to strengthen their fledgling democracy, and how to do it all without repeating mistakes of the past.


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