The Kid is Back – in more ways than one

I’m back.  To get to 90 posts in 90 days, I’ll have to double up on a few days. Or quadruple up on one.  Anyway, I had a very good reason for not posting the last three days.  One day, I want each of you to experience the weekend as I have.  Unless you’ve been there, you will not yet understand.  And until then, I’m not tellin’…

Anyway, here are a few random thoughts on this snowy spring day:

Interesting Facebook discussion about the best route to the other side of a problem being through it.  A friend gave a great counter-example of a tunnel through a mountain not always being the best solution – maybe routing the road around the mountain would be better.  My response is that maybe the mountain isn’t the problem.  Only when we confront the actual problems in our lives will we be able to even detect what “through” the problem means.  Step one is to identify the problem.  Then, the best route to the other side is straight damn through it.

Another random thought while I was doing dishes…  You might want to copy this one into your Facebook status… just be sure and properly attribute it to Leonid Marstakin…

“To take a stand, one does not need great numbers on his side. Nor does he need great courage.  To take a stand, one needs only to believe in the righteousness of his cause.”

Leonid Marstakin

And then there is this gem:

“Convincing a great many of the people, even a majority of the people, to agree, does not make one right.”

Leonid Marstakin

Post complete.  I will do a count tomorrow to see about getting back on track…

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