Quotable quotes I thought of today

Thanks, Susan, for reminding me to write. “Sometimes it takes a nudge here and there to develop a new habit.”

“Hope is not a plan.”

Okay I said that one a long time ago. But it lead to the next one today…

“Hope is not a plan. But without hope, you can not lead.”

“Always be pessimistic when planning. Always be optimistic when leading.”

“It doesn’t matter in this process who does the work. We care about the code base. We’re agnostic about the developers. We may even be atheist about the developers.”

“I wasn’t throwing you under the bus. You were already under the bus. I was trying to drag you back out.”

And finally, I will leave you with this gem…

“What I said was accurate. What you heard me say was not. So, what I communicated was incorrect.”

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