What a fascinating day!

“How fascinating!”

Benjamin Zander

Today was truly full of learning opportunities.  Unfortunately, it will be a long, long time before I know what all of the lessons were supposed to be – if I ever know.  Let us review…

The day started on a bright note.  A new and critical relationship on the project team was advanced in the right direction.  And I got to watch it happen simply because of a key question I asked and because I brought and created trust. Yay me!

That’s about it for the positive.  The next meeting saw a relationship take a step backwards.  There is a key project team technical person who is always late.  And it is never her fault.  I have struggled with this relationship.  It erupted yet again today.  How fascinating!  What was the lesson.  I have no idea.

Off to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to title and register by new (to me) Benz!  One piece of paper caused a breakdown.  Well, I decided that the lack of one piece of paper was a fascinating reason to have a breakdown.  In the BMV. In front of everybody.  I didn’t feel better after the breakdown.  Why did I do it?  I have no idea.

The physical therapy was good.  But I got to find out that surgery is more likely than not if I want to resume by winter sports career and my dancing career.  Why did I injure my knee?  I have no idea.

There was good news and bad news related to an illness in the family.  Much stress at the home of my youth.  I’m not sure what to do, if anything.  I’m not sure what I’m supposed to learn from the whole situation, if anything.

I wonder what the rest of the week and this weekend will bring.  With some travel, some quality time with the kiddos, Daddy-Daughter Date Night Dance, and more, I have no doubt it will be fascinating.

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