Live like you’re __!!

If you knew that you had the full use of your left leg for only two more days, what would you do?

I thought about that on my way to work today.  What will it be?  Long walk?  Butt kicking contest? Super slide at the Children’s Museum?

Those thoughts caused me to think about last days.  Last days of school. Last days at a home. Last days at a job.  Last days with the full use of your left leg… What do you do? What can you do?  I think the only thing to do is get present with your whatever.  If it’s the last few days of school, stop, slow down, notice everything.  If you are leaving a job, experience it fully. Enjoy those last few days.  Look around you. Smell, listen.  Because years from now, all you will have left are the memory of those last few days.

And isn’t it a bit ironic that while we are sad to be leaving one thing behind, we are moving on to better things.  A new school, a new job, a new home – a new ACL.  While I will miss the use of my leg for a bit, I am looking forward to my brand new knee parts.


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