Friday… Saturday… Sunday… D-Day

It’s coming.  The day is coming.  My knee is hurting a little and it almost buckled again today. As if to remind me that I must have this surgery and I am not just doing it for fun.

Someone asked me if I am nervous about the surgery.  I answered honestly that I am not. Maybe I should be but I am not.  The last time I went under I was nervous.  I remember in 2003 driving to the hospital with my lovely wife.  We held hands in the car.  I remember looking around, making jokes like I do when I am nervous.  Turned out fine.  There was nothing to be nervous about.  And you know what?  The surgery was 100% successful. Not only did I not die. Not only did I not suffer very much.  But, the results of the surgery run up to me every day when I return home.  And the results of the surgery sat with me tonight and watched Willy Wonka for the first time.  And the results of the surgery absolutely changed me.  Well, to be fair, there was more work to do after the surgery had its intended effect.  And we did the work and the work produced… well, you know 😉

I guess it pays to have the right surgeon do the right work at the right moment.  And, the results can be (and have been) life changing.


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