Letter to Parents and Others at St. Thomas Aquinas School

Dear St. Thomas Family,
With much sadness, we are letting you know that Elizabeth and Simone will not be returning to STA School next year. Our decision to leave was an intensely personal and difficult one. They are the third generation in our family to attend St. Thomas, beginning with the class of ’44!  We love St. Thomas and we will greatly miss our morning and afternoon walks to and from school.  We will also miss the teachers of STA, whose dedication and genuine care for our kids is a big part of what made STA so special.  I know the girls will miss seeing their friends every day and we will miss seeing you in the halls and in the playground before and after school.
Elizabeth and Simone will be starting fourth and first grade at St. Richards on Meridian Street.  We are very excited to join that community also, which has a number of Meridian Kessler and Butler Tarkington families.  We believe the classic curriculum at St. Richards will best prepare our girls for lifelong success and fulfillment.
Other than changing schools, we are not going anywhere.  We will still be parish members and we and the girls will continue to be in sports and clubs sponsored by the parish (or Meridian Street United Methodist or Glendale or JCC).  So, please reach out if you want to talk about anything. Really, anything.  Our decision, the future of education in America, STA School and Parish, the Pacers, existential philosophy, or just nothing.
We wish you and your families the best of luck and all the success and fulfillment in the world.
With warmest regards,
Steve and Constance Vinson
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