Ragbrai Transcends

There’s another memorable moment I forgot to list here.  Just as well.  It takes more than an entry on a list to describe a Ragbrai moment like this one.

The moment came late one night shortly after a group of us returned from town.  We were all a bit buzzed and I was still beaming from a fantastic run of jokes about the size of my, <ahem>, equipment.  Seriously, I did about 90 minutes nearly non-stop on one of the oldest joke topics in history.  And I killed.  It didn’t hurt that my audience was captive and under the influence.  But isn’t that the case in most comedy clubs on most nights?

Anyway, we had just returned from downtown Fairfield to our home-for-the-night.  Our hosts were having as much fun as we were.  The garage-turned-party-hut was rocking to some AC/DC and the beer was still cold.  So, what the heck. Let’s party, right?

A couple walking by stopped and looked around.  A young couple.  Good looking and hip. I noticed her calf high boots and flowing skirt. It was a bit chilly that night, but I only know it because of the weather channel and her boots.  Did I mention we were drinking beer?  They were definitely an attractive couple. And a very curious pair at that moment.  The bus (have you seen a picture of the bus?), the AC/DC, the wandering around.  All very unusual for small town Iowa.

I offered them a beer.  They were happy to accept.  And I asked them where they were headed and where they were headed there from.  Turns out they live close by and they were headed back from downtown.  In fact, he was the guitarist for the headlining band on the town square stage that night.  And she, his number one groupie.

She was so proud of her man up there on that stage.  And she got free beer. Not because of her rock star boyfriend as I suspected.  But because her mom is something of a celebrity in Fairfield, IA.  You see, she is a big deal in the transcendental meditation community.  Which apparently is a big deal in Fairfield, IA.  Guess what I learned from our two heros?  Fairfield Iowa is the home of Maharishi University of Management.  It is “the world’s largest training center” for practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Who knew?  This couple. That’s who.  I received a wonderful primer on the practices and benefits of Transcendental Meditation.  I was not surprised that there are many parallels with Ragbrai and my “grand unified theory of Ragbrai.”  The one that states: “If you need something, it will be provided.  If you have something that someone needs, you will be there to provide it.”  All that is required for this truth to be your truth is that you must accept it.  Got a flat tire and no pump?  Someone will show up with a pump.  Got a pump and no flat tire?  You will show up for someone who has a flat tire and no pump.  But only if you believe.

Why?  How?  Why and how does this work?  I have no idea.  I do know that Ragbrai transcends….

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