Wading into politics: stevevinsoncare

1,407 days ago, I was asked a good question. If I agree our health care system is broken, but I don’t believe Obamacare should become law, then what would my plan be? 1,407 days later, Obamacare is law. And I still think these ideas are better…

Stevevinsoncare, broad strokes:

1. more individual choice and responsibility by moving away from a system that has too many people depending on their employer for insurance. This would bring down cost and improve service.
2. Reform Medicare and Medicaid somehow. I don’t have a ton of ideas there but it seems to me that when the government accounts for around 40% of the healthcare nut in a broken system, then the government programs just might be part of the problem.
3. Caps and binding guidelines on punitive damages in medical malpractice law suits
4. Licensing reforms. Let technicians and nurse assistants, etc do more of the tasks that doctors do today but wouldn’t have to.

All of these ideas would lower cost, which theoretically would allow more people to afford to buy insurance and would allow the government to actually fund the “safety net” programs without stealing our childrens’ money through deficit spending.

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