Tired. Ready to sleep. Must. Write. First.

Alright. I know you don’t come here to read me complain. But I’m tired tonight. I want to go to bed. But I’m in the home stretch and I do not want to get behind at this point.
Anyway, how about a little journaling. If I were a 10 year old girl, I would have written “diary” instead of “journal”.
Anyway anyway, I was reflecting on what an inspiring group of individuals with whom I’ve surrounded myself. I am comfortable opening up to my friends and they are comfortable opening up to me. We share our wins, our insecurities, our plans, and our fears. We discuss how to inspire others to dream big and commit to action. We tell each other to write and we tell each other jokes. We laugh, we cry, we connect and we create.
So as a guy on a podcast said, “It ain’t all a drag.” Today was a good day.

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