I got my hair did last Friday


I get my hair cut at Snapdragon Salon.  They are the best.  My stylist is the best of the best.  Oh sure my hair looks fantastic, but the real secret is the conversation.  Calling it a conversation is sort of like calling the Superbowl a sporting contest.  Yes, they do play a competitive sport during that day, but even the words, “big game” don’t come close to describing the spectacle, the anticipation, the high stakes.  High stakes conversation. That’s what I’m talking about.

Last time I was in Snapdragon, Robyn and I were going through our usual hilarious routine.   We were entertaining the other stylists and clients as usual.  Robyn pointed out to another stylist that the client who had just left, whom she engaged in conversation by asking him details about his like (what do you do? married? kids?), had been in before – this was his second visit.  I didn’t get the relevance of this detail but the other stylist was embarrassed at this apparent misstep.  Turns out, at Snapdragon they take seriously remembering facts about their clients’ lives.  They want the client to feel as though they belong.  That they are welcome.  The entire week of my appointment, I imagine, Snapdragon is abuzz with excitement.

“Steve’s appointment is this Friday.”

“Oh my gosh.  I can’t wait.”

“What should I wear?”

“He is alway so funny. And that family of his is so adorable.”

“I wonder if we’ll talk about those conjoined twins or bedazzling or vagazzling?”

See, I have been going to Snapdragon for about 7 or 8 years.  Robyn is a family friend. We’ve been to a concert together (we rocked our faces off) and probably will again (our faces grew back).  But it hasn’t always been that way.  Back in the day, when Snapdragon was still behind Applebee’s in Broadripple, before Robyn gave Simone her first haircut, or Elizabeth hers, I was hooked.  She seemed to remember stuff about our family.  Even though she must have hundreds of clients.  Last Friday I learned how it works.

Snapdragon stylists (maybe all stylists for all I know) make notes.  They care so much about making their clients feel like they are welcome and wanted that they make notes.  When she told me that, it did not even occur to me that making notes was cheating, or impersonal, or inauthentic.  To me, the fact that they care enough to make notes means that they know that no human could possibly remember stuff about so many different people who they see about once a month.  So they make notes.

Being me, I had to ask.  What was in her note about me?  Funny, I imagined.  Likes riding his bike.  Young daughter. Project Manager at Clarion Health Partners.  Warm, charming, and engaging.  Those are the notes I figured she had made on me.  Cuz that’s me.  It’s what I figure everyone wants to remember about me.

Know what was in my notes that Robyn made for me?

Constance's Husband

Well I’m that, too, I guess. And proud of it.

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