I think way too much about haircuts

I need a haircut. I’ve needed a haircut for about 2-1/2 weeks. I normally need a haircut starting about a week before my appointment at Snapdragon. A week and a half ago my appointment was canceled.

Here’s my point. Should I try to squeeze in a haircut or should I just wait 3 weeks for my next appointment? If I wait, when do I shift from needing a haircut to having a new hairdo? I’ve suggested more than once that I just do the Justin Timberlake combover. I’ve been met more than once with a cringe and a head shake. But if I continue needing a haircut as opposed to shifting the do, I will end up with a weird spiky situation and I will run out of Crew Fiber in no time.

Squeezing one in, on the other hand, may not be an option. My Robyn is a popular girl. Her schedule is booked out through the next Olympics. I suppose I could just call the salon and ask. Would that seem desperate? They did call me and leave a voicemail 5 days before my canceled appointment. So I could play it like I’m just returning their voicemail. That’s good, right? I could make it like I’m doing them a favor. You know, “hey, would it help you if I came in and got a little off the top and sides? So as not to have so much hair to sweep up in 3 weeks.”

Something tells me I’ve already given it too much thought.

Remember the days when you just walked in to the barber shop? No appointment necessary. Whichever barber had time took the next guy. No strings attached. Any port in a haircut storm. Now that I’ve grown up and I’ve connected with what’s important, hair-wise, I have settled down with a talented stylist who knows what I like and how to provide it. A stylist/client relationship takes work from both parties. She is committed to making me look beautiful and I am committed to protecting her from having to fix a $10 haircut.

I can’t tell if we’ve made any progress here. Maybe I’ll just call the salon and see what’s possible for them.

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