I’ve gotten a little closer to my dad during the past few weeks.  I was looking for a way to support my mom and I found a way to support him.  We have been talking once or twice a week, which is more than we typically talk in a month.  I’ve felt helpless at times, unable to do anything for them from 3 hours away.  But he is being a hero.  A solid, 75 year old rock in the storm.  But even a rock needs support sometimes.  And I’ve been able to be that support once or twice a week.  And I can hear in his voice that I am able to take his mind off of things for brief periods.

The last time we grew closer like this was about eleven or twelve years ago.  I was living in Chicago and working in Kalamazoo.  Springfield Township is on the way.  I would spend one or two nights a week with my folks there and wake up early to drive to Kalamazoo.  He was still working at the time.  It was special for me to be able to sit and have coffee with him while we put our boots on to get ready for work.  And we would talk about everything in the evenings, the three of us.  Those were good times.  I was sad to see it end, but glad to be home more in Chicago.

My relationship with my dad has gone through these periods of ebb and flow.  Like many dads, he isn’t exactly touchy feely.  But, I know that even the toughest among us need support sometimes.  I do what I can.  Even if it is just a small bit.

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