Mercedes Update

The car is running great!  There’s a little wobble that could be a wheel bearing.  If so, it’s covered by the three month warranty.  If not, it really isn’t that bad. I can live with it for the year or two I plan to have this car.

Constance picked up a hood ornament, which really sets the thing off.  Something like $10 and she put it on in less than 15 minutes.

The windshield washer was barely spitting onto the bottom of the windshield.   I thought it would end up being a new pump or motor.  Turned out to be just a loose hose.  Reconnect the loose hose and we have cleaning solution spurting all over the place.

License plate came and I got two of the bolts in.  Well, I only have two bolts and I got both of them in.

The right rear window doesn’t roll down.  But it does make a nice, unpleasant sound that reminds me of glass in a chipper.  That will be an adventure to diagnose and fix.

We both want some new rims.  The chrome is peeling off the originals on there.

One of these days, I will have my Pioneer installed in there.  Then I can stop listening to Adam Carolla with my ear buds and listen to him on a proper car speaker.

All mostly cosmetic.  The mechanical thing would be covered by warranty.

Not to jinx it, but so far, so good…

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