Public vs Private Intention

I never follow through on my public intentions. Many self-help programs (books, training workshops, etc.) will tell you to make your intention public and it will more likely come to pass. Power of attraction, affirmations, mindfulness. All these systems have a ton of people hovering around them that promise great riches if you just speak your intention into the  universe.

Not me. The minute I speak my intention to the  universe, the universe looks at me and says, “oh yeah?”

Which is why I am going to state my intention here, in public. And then prove the universe wrong by making it come true. Take that, universe. My compromise with the universe is this: I will not provide details. I’ll just state the goal, the benefit to humanity, and the  start.

Step 1

Set up high value on-line mentoring

Step 2

Use social media (without spamming my friends) to build a fanbase

Step 3

Pay off my bills and stop worrying about money

Bonus Step

Collect underpants

Your critique is welcome

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