Getting Healthy Day 1

I am 47 and I have self-diagnosed Chronic Senescence. I went to the doctor today. It was just a check-up, but he confirmed my diagnosis. This condition is characterized by increased body fat, frequent tiredness, and a feeling of being run-down. Patents report occasional vertigo and difficulty focusing and concentrating. Put another way, I’m getting old.

Getting old, it turns out, is more than a state of mind and not exactly a preventable condition. It is quite possible and, for me, desirable to manage the symptoms. This is day 1.

Day 1 was about assessment. No answers yet. Just questions. From my Facebook:

It’s a whole body approach. Looking to healthfully and sustainably (and as naturally as possible) bring my body to a higher state of health. We’ll see when results come back but I suspect refined diet, supplements, and maybe some meditation. I’ll know I’m making progress when I’m not so tired all the time and my body composition and weight are closer to normal.

They took my BP, measured my body composition, took my vitals, etc.

Dr. Logan ( ordered a panel of blood tests to be conducted by The Cleveland Heart Lab. Among the markers they will look for are indicators of inflammation. I expect I’ll fail this portion of the test. Or, pass if you consider that I’ll find out why I’m tired all the time and feel run down a lot. Dr. Logan added some tests for cholesterol, testosterone, and thyroid. The thyroid part is because of my history of depression. The testosterone is about the energy.

I will have results in about 8 weeks. First, I have to wait 2 weeks to get my 12 hour fasting blood draw on account of my scooter injuries possibly throwing off the result. What’s that? You didn’t hear about my scooter accident? That’s over on Facebook.

In the meantime, I’m going to start myself on some MCT oil, some ghee in my coffee, and a lot less sugar.

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