Days gone by

Having been sick since Sunday afternoon, it’s a weird feeling to have just lost 3 days. It’s not the money (if I don’t work I don’t get paid, but days off are in the business plan). It’s not even feeling sick (humans forget what pain feels like; otherwise we’d all be only-children). It’s knowing that I just lost 3 days. Now I’m feeling better and sitting out on my deck listening to the birds and other evening sounds. The smell after today’s rain is thick with life and earth. A few bugs are tickling my skin, probably feasting on dead skin cells (bastards probably don’t know yet that they are now infected). Point is, I missed 3 days of this. So, tell me. Aside from vitamin C (which I already take), how do you avoid getting sick? 

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4 Responses to Days gone by

  1. Laura says:

    Working in a large retail environment makes it impossible to touch your face or your eyes. Wash your hands many many times a day and sing happy birthday or the ABC song and then rinse off the soap.


  2. Mark Schechter says:

    As a kid, I rarely got sick, and when I did, it was on the weekend. So, by Monday, I was well enough to go to school. I never missed a day of school from Kindergarten until I was a freshman. I missed my first day of school when I took the day off from school to pick up my brother Scott at the airport after he graduated from Marine Corps Basic Training in 1984. Growing up, we didn’t have health insurance. I suppose it was fortunate I never got sick.


  3. Mark Schechter says:

    1) Eat healthy. 2) Exercise. 3) Avoid people with illnesses your system does not have the ability to fight off without you noticing. (Conversely, only associate with people with illnesses your system has the ability to fight off without you noticing, otherwise, you will notice when your body is fighting off an illness from someone…that way you will avoid “getting sick”.)


  4. Mark Schechter says:

    I forgot one. Stay hydrated.


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