Day 60 Post 60

60 posts in 60 days. Two thirds there.  30 more posts 30 more days.  Here is a list:

  1. I am a little surprised how good my posts have been.  Now, I don’t expect to win any Pullet Surprises, but I also am not all that embarrassed by the quality of the unedited words.
  2. I’ve had over 1,150 page views from 500 visitors.
  3. On April 23, the site was viewed 145 times, led by Boston questions (38 views) and My commute is less stressful than a mamma duck’s (28 views) and Thank God for the Westboro Baptist Church (21 views).
  4. I’ve begun thinking about what happens after Day 90 Post 90.  Posts will be a little less frequent.  But writing will be daily.
  5. I am going to write for some local papers – maybe suburban business publications.
  6. I love writing and I love the response from readers (keep those comments coming!)
  7. Facebook is awesome for helping me get my words to a bunch of people.  After Day 90 Post 90, I can add Twitter, maybe Google+.  And I can research how to spread the word even more.  Gotta love the internets.
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