Boston questions

1. If they knew the guy from 2 years ago, why did they need to publicize his picture to know who he was?
2. What exactly went down with the campus security guy who was killed? Did he engage them or did they engage him?
3. Why didn’t these “armed and extremely dangerous” guys harm the carjack victim?
4. How did two college kids get the money and training to pull this off?
5. Did the cops know that suspect 2 was alone and in Watertown? If so, why was Boston locked down?
6. Did the police have warrants for the door to door searches?
7. Why didn’t suspect 2 attack the civilian who found him in the boat? Why didn’t he run once he knew he was made?
8. Why did the authorities lift the “shelter in place” order when they did? Even though the dangerous terrorist had not yet been caught?
9. Was the federal government involved in the armed response?
10. Why has the federal government decided on the charges instead of the state or local government?
11. Why did the FBI take over the investigation?
12. When will we see paramilitary troops on the streets of our town?

Tomorrow I will post offensive jokes…

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3 Responses to Boston questions

  1. Since you are asking questions that I hinted at, I will “gladly” reply.
    1) The FBI interviewed him, they didn’t book him. 1A) Before you ask, his name was misspelled when he traveled to Russia so he slipped through.
    2&3) I don’t personally care why the officer was killed and the carjacker wasn’t. I would assume it has something to do with police are armed, carjacker not.
    4) In due time grasshopper…
    5) Boston is far smaller than what you perceive. Less than 1 million peeps.
    6) No need to when searching during imminent danger. Besides, you never ask if anyone said “no” and what happened then. I did ask how many arrests were made and you had no answer.
    7) You don’t listen very well. He was almost dead when the home owner found him. He almost bled out and didn’t even have enough energy to kill himself. He was severely injured as reported many many times.
    8) First good question. Don’t know, but they are the professionals. I assume they knew he was injured and probably not far away. It may have been designed to do exactly what it did.
    9) AFT is Federal,
    10&11) The Feds have jurisdiction on “terrorism” automatically. States have far less power especially on cases that cross state lines or are international.
    12) Paranoia they destroy ya!

    What is with the questions you pose? Your beginning to sound like Alex Jones.


  2. karl says:

    Big one where is their bomb factory?


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