Thank God for the Westboro Baptist Church

We need those nutty Westboro Baptist Church people. We need to feel like we are doing something. When our brave heroes are coming home in a coffin, we need to do something. We need to feel like we are in some small way honoring them. In the face of senseless, insane tragedy like the Boston bombings, we feel helpless. How can we honor those who died? How can we stand in defiance to evil?

Without those wacky “God Hates Fags” characters, we would be left empty and wondering where to direct our anger. We’ve tried being angry at dictators, at our own president, at “terrorists”, at those two college kids from Russia. But still. We need an active foe. Thank God for those goofballs from Kansas.

The Patriot Guard. They are truly a ballsy group of hard riding heroes. They stand up to those brainwashed walking contradictions. It strikes me that Westboro could not have chosen a topic more likely to bring us together. Piss off liberals with your homosexual-hating ways. Piss off conservatives with your soldier-hating ways. Give Libertarians an example to point to of how hate can be confronted without government infringing on free-speech. Westboro has a right to protest. The Patriot Guard has a right to stand around and keep you from disturbing grieving families.

Need is a funny word. Maybe we don’t need them. But they do provide us a walking, breathing, hate-spewing outlet for our anger.

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