Nothing brings people together like a common enemy. Except maybe a good old fashioned perp takedown.
When the government let loose the hounds of war on the people of Boston they accomplished something no political speech could ever do : they brought liberals and conservatives together. One big compliant voice cheering the ushering in of the era of the police state.
As evidence, I submit the comments of my friends. Liberals and conservatives alike implying my questions about the takedown are paranoid, wrong, ill-informed.
Why? I asked myself.
Well, in any news event, we all look for how it corroborates our world view. I, for example, am guilty as charged. Of course the big-government-hating libertarian is going to cringe at the show of enormous government force. Of course images of people’s homes being forcibly searched and crowds cheering paramilitary troops in our streets is fodder for my liberty-loving world view.
But why do my friends on opposite ends from each other on most arguments now agree on this one?
For liberals, the Boston takedown is among the best evidence that government – big, well funded government – is necessary. I saw a couple of empty suits on Meet the Press calling for more funding of the domestic security force (i.e. standing army turned homeward). Don’t misunderstand the modern liberal. Their’s is not the philosophy of peace. They love a good storm trooper takedown as much as the next guy.
Conservatives love the images of a rapid, testosterone fueled military takedown. They point to this as an example of security through overwhelming force. Got nothing to hide? Then why worry about police taking a peak in your home?
Believe me. I get it. It has taken a lot from me over the years to become more objective. Eight years ago I would have been waving my flag as well. But I haven’t traded my flag in for a tinfoil hat either. Far from it. That flag and a vision for a free future for my children is the reason I ask questions. I’ve gone from stubborn Bush apologist to full time skeptic. That was not an easy transition for me.
So if I can do it, so can you. I’m not saying you will agree with me. My philosophy is pretty radical. But I am saying that you can allow yourself to ask questions. Maybe you will still feel that responses like Boston are justified. But maybe you will ask questions that keep that overwhelming power in check.
But I digress.
Thanks Westboro Baptist. And thanks paramilitary storm troopers. It feels good to see people come together.

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