How you can tell I’m doing better

How can you tell I’m feeling and doing better?  I missed 2 days of posting.  It’s true.  The fever is gone, the knee is down to a lowish grade throbbing.  That weird thing with the shin pain from the blood dripping down onto my tibia is still bugging me, though.  I have to keep my leg elevated, like, 4/5 of the time.

As reported elsewhere, the doc said I am doing exceptionally well considering what all he did.  The suture in the medial meniscus is apparently the biggest deal.  It’s the part that has me not doing squats, gingerly climbing stairs, and hobbling on crutches for about another week.  Let this be a lesson to you little leaguers – get that ACL fixed as soon as you find out about lest you tear your meniscus.

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