Lessons Learned

I learned a couple of lessons yesterday.  1) post early.  By the time the day was done and time for settling in, which is when I usually write, I was beat. Tired. Exhausted.  Out of it. So, I didn’t post. 2) Take it easy for another week or so. At least keep the leg up.

Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic.  Family and friends time is always very special.  The food was delicious, the stories and conversation were great.  I had some tasty wine.  And I forgot that I was sitting with my leg/knee below me for about 2 hours.  The swelling was noticeable.  I put my foot up and then realized how tired I was.  It was 8:00.  I still managed to have a great time (with the help of Turkish liqueur supplied by my beloved mother-in-law).  By 9:00 I was beat and ready to be done.

So, we came home and I hit the hay.

Great story, huh? Especially the way I tell it. This counts for yesterday’s post.

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