Random thoughts

There was no relax phase. My rehab began Monday after the surgery.  I was to contract my thigh muscles and do leg lifts.  Ouch.  Today’s physical therapy (PT) session confirmed why.  If I don’t straighten and even hyperextend my knee in the first few days/weeks, then I will likely never be able to.  I am at straight as of today, thanks to my surgery-day work.  Two more degrees and I’ll be where I’m supposed to be.

After PT today, Constance asked me how I was enjoying my convalescence and relaxation. We laughed.  I’ve been busy and working the entire time.  I said, well maybe I’ll get luck and rupture my spleen or something.  Can’t imagine much rehab for that in the first few weeks.

Another random thought…. I put joking on hold, fortunately for the healthcare workers I’ve been in contact with.  I figure there has been comedy gold, but the only one I’d be amusing is myself.  This is serious business.  Besides, I can feed it all back into my comedy routine.

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