How Many Plates?

Remember those guys on variety shows that spun plates on those sticks?  How many would they spin at a time?  4? 5?  Was that a trick or were they really able to keep four or five plates spinning at the same time?

Seems like if I tried that, I would forget about two or three of the plates at a time.  I feel like I would run to a wobbly one, concentrate on it for too long.  But, get it going at least.  But in that time, another plate would start wobbling. I”d run over there and of course another one would wobble and maybe fall.

Those guys on those shows are good at it, though.  They move from plate to plate gracefully.  Not focussing on one for too long, but just long enough.  Then he moves on to the next and so on.

Is it practice or is it just that he knows and feels in his gut that he will keep all of those plates going?

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