This is living, baby

I’m back in Indy and I have some stuff to tell you…

  1. The next few days and weeks are very important.  To honor requests for privacy, I am not posting why, but I can say that things are much better than they were a few days ago…
  2. Determination beats technique every time.
  3. Sometimes you are needed at a time and place before those that need you know it.  Often before you know it.  Follow your gut.  I followed mine north.
  4. If you are driving in the dark in the rain and you are listening to Justin Timberlake on your earbuds, you might have these thoughts:  “The spray from that truck makes it hard to see; I’m going to pass him.  It’s still hard to see.  Maybe road grease, time to spray some juice on the windshield.  Still hard to see. Let’s turn the wiper on high.  Shit, something must be wrong.  Let’s pause the music.  Hmmm.  That rain is torrential.  Hard to tell that with JT crooning in my ears.”
  5. Good thing I was still hopped up on adrenaline when I got home.  I got to unclog the sump pump so the basement would not get flooded; I unloaded the groceries; sandbagged the garage/basement door; and gave hugs and kisses to my sweety.
  6. This Guinness is just what I needed.

Maybe I’ll think of something profound or funny to post tomorrow.  Until then, that’s post 39 on day 42…

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