Days like this

When I committed to 90 posts in 90 days, I knew there would be days like this.  I am unable to think of a thing to write about.  Actually, that’s not true.  The truth is that I missed yesterday, putting me 3 posts behind, and I want to bang something out real quick so I don’t miss 2 days in a row.  Real quick because I want to hit the hay before too long.

So…. Everything I think of seems like it would take a long time.  For example:

  1. write down the Cousin Howard stories
  2. write down the Dave the Bunny stories
  3. create a story about bunnies
  4. riff on the nice dinner we had with good friends last night
  5. talk about two of the friends who were over last night – two people I barely know, but around whom I feel totally comfortable as if I could say anything, do anything, be anything around them.  He’s a hypnotist, which has nothing to do with the previous statement.
  6. describe my outrage/frustration/annoyance with the [insert government program] and how it will [insert hyperbole-laced dire consequence].  Clearly and with utmost confidence and courage of conviction, [insert idealistic seemingly simple solution, for which there would never be enough political or public support].  Tell everyone that I mean nothing personal, but [insert personal attack on anyone who disagrees].
  7. generate some kind of list
  8. copy and paste something I already wrote a long time ago.

That last one actually doesn’t fit this list. The list is meant to be things that would take a long time to write.  Had I thought of #8 twenty minutes ago, I would have been finished and in bed 15 minutes ago.

And with that, I am three behind instead of four…

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