Hey Politicians: I approved of gay marriage before it was popular.

Does anyone need any more evidence to convince you that politicians are empty-suited, unprincipled narcissists?

I am delighted that the president and many politicians are now supporting same sex marriage.  I am disgusted, though, that when it was not popular to support gay marriage, Mr. Obama and his Democrat colleagues thought gays did not deserve the same recognition as straight people.

If I had the time and energy, I would overlay the graph above with when Obama and other Democrats decided it was politically advantageous to “do the right thing”.  If I were gay and married, I’d be worried that the legal recognition of my marriage was dependent on the whims of the public and not the principled conviction of some politician in Washington, D.C. Because Obama has no principled stance that homosexual folks deserve equal rights.  He does have a self-serving stance, though, that he should publicly support what is popular.

I am very thankful that politicians and Supreme Court Justices of the past century were more principled (at least it seems so).  When it came to marriage between blacks and whites, they did not wait for public opinion to be on their side:

It wasn’t until the late 90’s that a majority of the public approved of interracial marriage.  If people like current Democrats were in charge back then, interracial marriage would have been illegal until the early part of the 21st century.

Sorry if I’ve disappointed or bored you or if you were looking for some humor tonight instead of my cynicism.  I promise to return tomorrow to shit jokes and funny stuff my kids do…

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