Google Honors Chavez While Bing Honors Pre-Christian Tradition

On this glorious Easter Sunday, Google chose to honor a proletariat hero while Bing chose to honor egg-decorating, which started at least 60,000 years ago.  I’m not outraged like many of my conservative brethren, but I think I’ll switch to Bing anyway.

In my search (that started on google) to discover whether the rumor was true (it is), I discovered that the current executive chairman of Google is known to be a liberal activist.  Turns out he is an Obama adviser and was once considered a likely potential cabinet member.  He is a climate change zealot and was a huge supporter of the Obama trillion dollar stimulus.  He was excited that it would send large amounts of cash to “green” companies and “green” initiatives.

So, it all made sense.  Google could have chosen no “doodle” on its home page.  It could also have chosen to explain why it chose Cesar Chavez over the incredible, edible egg.  Instead, it left the working-class Hispanic hero up on his birthday.  A great way of thumbing its nose at the great american unwashed in fly-over country.  Alright, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But I choose to believe Google is using the money I help them make to advance their socialist agenda.  And, so I choose Bing since I have no idea what political agenda they support.

Besides, Bing returns better search results – according to those commercials that Microsoft put out.


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