Mulan, Poppies, Steven, and Easter

The Easter Celebration was about to begin.  Princess Mulan was making final preparations and noticed that there were no poppies for the dinner tables.  She was about to head out to the garden to pick some when Prince Steven’s steward burst into the banquet hall.

“My Lady.  All of the poppies have been stolen!”

Princess Mulan was shocked.  “Oh dear! What shall I do?”

“There are poppies in the meadows beyond the palace grounds.”

“But the guests will be arriving any minute.  Prince Steven has not returned from the market, so I must go myself.  I haven’t a moment to lose!”

With that, Mulan ran to the stables and asked the groomer to bring her favorite horse, Cutie.  She hopped on and yelled, “Yah, Cutie!  To the poppy fields!”

Cutie ran as fast as could be to the Palace gate.  The guards blocked the way.  “You must not leave today your highness!  The wolves are nearby!”

“Thank you for trying to keep me safe, but we must have poppies for the celebration.  Out of my way.”

The guards stood aside.  Cutie and Mulan sped through the gate.  Just a few minutes later, they saw an old woman walking on the road.

“Princess Mulan!  Please help me.  The wolves…”

Mulan climbed off of Cutie to help.  Suddenly, the old woman threw off her shawl and – she wasn’t an old woman at all, but a wolf!

“Ha!  What a prize!  Now I will eat you!” With that, the wolf pounced on Princess Mulan.  Cutie neighed and stomped, but the wolf was too fast.  He was carrying Mulan back to his den faster than Cutie could gallop.

Mulan kicked and screamed, “Help! Help!”  But it was no use.  The wolf arrived at his den with the princess in tow.

As she looked around, Mulan couldn’t believe her eyes.  The wolf’s den was full of poppies!  Her poppies!  “You brute!  You stole my poppies!”

“And now I am going to eat you!”

“No you’re not!”  Prince Steven was at the door of the den, sword in hand.  With a pounce and a thrust of his sword, Prince Steven killed the wolf.

“Oh, Steven!  You saved me!”

Prince Steven explained that he was returning from the market when he heard Cutie neighing.  As he was looking for Cutie he found the wolf’s den and heard Mulan crying for help.

They gathered up all of the poppies, found Cutie, and raced back to the palace together. They arrived just in time to meet the first guests.

The Easter Celebration was saved!  Everyone enjoyed their roasted rabbit and especially loved the beautiful poppies on all the tables.

This is the kind of story I sometimes make up on the spot to tell the kids.  For those of you playing at home, you ask for several suggestions in the form of favorite princess name, favorite flower, favorite holiday or time of year.  Then you just think of  a character and something they need (the McGuffin).  Throw in two or three obstacles, maybe a time element, and there you go.  your kid thinks you’re a genius.

And that’s a little something I like to call 22 of 90…

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