Writing is Hard – three reasons to do it anyway

That title is misleading. Writing is not hard. Sitting down to write and staying sat down and keeping writing is hard. Putting the right words in the right order to make sentences and then making those sentences connect to other sentences to make paragraphs that flow and work together to make sense is pert near impossible. So why try? I can think of three reasons off the top of my head.

  1. Money. If you can train yourself or get trained by someone to write something other people want to read. Well, you can make some money writing. Funny thing about writing. We all have the same 26 letters of raw material to work with. 26 symbols that, put together in seemingly random, but exquisitely correct order, make someone else know what you’re trying to say. And if what you’re trying to say is what they need or want to read, then they’ll pay you to read it. Kind of like a carpenter putting together the right pieces of wood in the right shapes to be something someone wants to have – a house, a cart, a cabinet, a chicken coop. It’s all the same wood put together in seemingly random, but exquisitely correct order.
  2. Sanity. Sometimes, when you don’t know what else to do or think. There’s only one thing to do. Grab your pen and put it to paper.
  3. Entertainment. Sometimes I really crack me up. Sometimes while I’m writing and sometimes years after I’ve written what I wrote. Hell, sometimes I read what I wrote a few years ago and wish I were witty enough to write that only to find out I did write that.

I suppose there are a lot more than three reasons to write. Or maybe fewer than three.

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