How to be independent? Go!

Apparently I don’t know how to get focussed and disciplined to write a book. I do, however, know how to write a blog post.

Let’s make a deal…

I’ll write blog posts about my journey of independence. Along the way, I’ll give you some tips and wisdom that may help you on your independence journey. In return, you will:

  • tell me what works and what doesn’t
  • ask questions for me to answer in future blog posts
  • Share posts that hit home
  • Share posts that might help your friends and family
  • Receive a gratis copy of the book I will compile and edit from the blog posts

My goal is to help people. I want to spread the message that you can be independent. I want to share my story of how I became and remained independent in the hope that it will inspire others to forge their own path. Because I think the future will continue to seem unpredictable and chaotic. The world is changing faster than our old institutions can keep up. To take care of ourselves and our families in these times, we will need to understand what it means to be independent. Because the old way – relying on a company or the government to take care of us – simply will not work for many of us.

Next up: introduction to my story.

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