The First Time

Or… Doing a remote segment with a live audience…

How often do you get to do something for the first time? Lately I seem to be finding these opportunities a lot.

Talk about starting before you’re ready (Seth Godin’s advice). Before I knew what I was getting in to, I agreed to do a bit for the Don’t Panic Radio Show on the upcoming World Championship of ComedySportz. The bit will be a segment I’m recording tomorrow night in front of an audience at Indy ComedySportz after one of their shows. I’m guessing that some day this will seem like easy peasy lemon squeazy. But right now I’m certain that I will look like a fool. And that I will screw something up. And I’m certain that between my co-host and I we will be able to cut together a pretty good show.

Is the first time the hardest? Or just the scariest? I’d guess the 3rd time is probably the hardest. Just a hunch.

What have you done lately for the first time?

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2 Responses to The First Time

  1. justbebri says:

    I think the first time of anything gets the adrenaline going to a point that can make it exciting, scary and wonderful all in a few minutes. Time slows down and speeds up in a way that you cannot control and cannot fathom. When it is over you try to hold on to the successful feeling or try to abolish the failure (depending on the outcome) . I recently traveled abroad to Paris for the first time, it was an exhilarating experience that I cannot wait to try again!
    Wishing you luck!


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