4 reasons for a non-catholic to love Catholic rituals

Culture and Spirituality. Two things that I value even though I am not culturally or spiritually Catholic.

Our second born had her First Communion today. For the non-catholic among you, that’s a ritual in the Catholic faith. One of several traditions. These rites are special to me and to our family. You don’t need to be Catholic to feel the importance of these moments.

  1. A family that practices these traditions helps the child feel a connection to their family and their family’s cultural identity.
  2. A connectedness is promoted and felt. Not just with those who are able to make it to the ceremony, but with those family members who understand the importance of spirituality and the unbroken link to our heritage.
  3. It is another milestone to mark time. A moment to pause and reflect on the work and dedication our youngsters are capable of. And a reminder of how fast time passes.
  4. Yet another excuse to have some good food, good conversation, and good together time

If you were planning to convert, don’t let this post stop you. And if you were trying to decide whether to take part in (or have your kids take part in) a Catholic ritual, by all means, give me a shout. I’ll tell you why I love them.

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