To each his own. Golf.

Tim Conway as Dorf

Tim Conway as Dorf

I enjoy riding a golf cart or even walking across a golf course. With a cooler of beer and friends. But no more than once a year. I never got the hang of golf. For the life of me I can not get the ball to go in the air. I swing and miss or hit the top of it or dig up a truck load of dirt and get the ball to go 7 or 8 inches.

I’m told that if I would just go take a lesson or a dozen lessons I could become an adequate player. Then, I’m told that I will enjoy it more. This advice comes from the same people I see and hear scream and jump up and down and curse Mother Earth for allowing such a game to exist. I think they enjoy the tension of it. I am certain I would not.

Which brings me to this: Should you try to get better at something you don’t enjoy in the hope that getting better at it will make it more fun? Think about if mountain climbing worked this way. The best mountain climbers in the world are miserable most of the time. Frostbite. Hunger. Exhaustion. Death. Not fun. But they love it.

Before I spend a ton of time trying to get better at something, I ought to try to understand what it is about the thing that I would love. Because getting good at something takes a lot of time; a lot of discipline; a lot of deliberate practice. Make sure it will be worth it.

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