Family Time

Today was proof that you don’t always need to plan every detail to enjoy close connection and joy with family. Our youngest and mom went shopping. That left me with our oldest to do whatever. We truly were playing it by ear when I drove toward downtown. We grabbed food at the Marsh and had us a picnic at a downtown park. While we were chewing out food, Twitter told us that Hillary Clinton was just a few miles away. So we finished our picnic, my daughter put her new pet – the silk worm – into a little box, and we headed for adventure. Though we drove by Douglass Park Gym four or five times, we didn’t get a glimpse of any famous people. Lots of Hillary supporters, though.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by Goose the Market for gelato, an espresso, and some tasty meats.

This evening I grilled up some Korean BBQ shortribs. Little salt, little pepper, some onion and garlic. Oh man. Beefy goodness. And some grass fed beef hot dogs.

We wrapped it up with our first (of many) family meeting and some quality time downstairs hiding from the tornado that never came.

Low stress. High quality. Now this is living.

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