The Brand

Mike Rowe has a new-ish podcast. The other day I heard one about a hispanic Elvis impersonator who moved to Hollywood to make it big as a pop singer. Producers figured he could be the next Enrique Iglesias. Only he wanted to be bigger than that. So he rebranded. Instead of a “me-too” Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars is now a Grammy winning artist.

Now, we are not all Bruno Mars (thankfully), but we can take a lesson from him. Despite Shakespeare’s claim about the smell of oddly named roses, there is power in a label. And for years I’ve labeled myself a project manager. For the past half a dozen years, I’ve called myself an IT project manager. It’s time for a re-brand. I’m not sure how that will end up looking, but I will become known as a guy who leads teams to get things done. Things that make a difference. Freelance project manager? Sure. Blogger with a twisted view of project management? Yeah. And, a guy who brings it all together when it matters most.

Who are you? What do you do?

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