The Beginning of Something Weird

This is my daily blog. And by, “daily”, I mean, daily. As in, every freaking day. There, that’s out of the way.

My commitment is to write every day. Not write good every day (see what I did there?). My hope is that I will write something worth reading every day, though.

Kind of like flowers. There are flowers that smell seductive, like a beautiful woman’s perfume. And there are flowers that smell like somebody forgot their sweaty gym socks in their locker, a raccoon choked to death trying to eat them, the gym closed for six weeks in the summer because it did not have air conditioning, and the rotten, decaying raccoon turned to raccoon soup in the humid locker. I warned you it might not be good.

Anyway, this blog shall be about weirdness. How I’m weird and how you’re weird. Seth Godin calls our economy the Connection Economy. Why are connections so important? Because we are all weird. We are witnessing the death of Mass Culture. With the death of “normal” comes a certain kind of loneliness. Even if being thin, tan, rich, poor, smart, hip, fat, forgetful, and/or depressed made us miserable, at least there were millions of people going through the same struggle. At least Nilot PM existed and was created just for me and millions of fellow sufferers to help us sleep. But now we want CHOICES. We don’t want just Nilot PM. We want Nilot PM in liquid or we want it in gel caps, or tablets, or powder, or mango flavored, or in a blue box, or blister pack. The death throes of mass marketing looks like a drug store shelf turned decoupage of options for Nilot PM. With endless CHOICES comes endless variety. Which means you might have trouble finding like-minded Nilot PM fans who want to have conversations about Nilot PM 24-count-red-gel-cap-blister-pack-extended-release-with-pain-reliever-and-cough-supressent-that-comes-in-a-blue-box-with-yellow-lettering. Hence, the loneliness. We need connections more than ever because more than ever we do not fit into the corporate definition of normal.

I have been a freelance project manager most of my career. And I have never felt like I manage projects the normal way (as defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge, PMBOK, © Project Management Institute). I borrow from normal. I even know how to appear normal. But my approach and my tools and techniques and disposition are weird. Thus, I want to build connection with other weird project managers. And since I am terrible at describing what I do for a living, it may take 100,000 words in this blog for us to find the 500 words that accurately describe my (our?) weird brand of project leadership. Think you’re not a project manager? Guess what. You are. I will use the term project manager less and less. This is really about getting crap done. Big crap.

Please follow my blog. And please add comments from time to time or email me directly at stevenvinson(at)Yahoo. Many of those 500 words may turn out to be yours.

What are your weird skills?

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