Nothing ever turns out how you imagine

Tomorrow I go into the shop for repairs. Snip here. Poke there. And I’ll be all fixed up. That is except for the aforementioned pain and suffering of rehab. I’m not nervous or scared and I don’t mind people asking me if I’m nervous or scared. I find myself thinking too much, though, about the logistics. And whether I’ve done enough to prepare. People who know me are not surprised. It’s my bad habit before all the big moments. I know, however, that my experience will be improved if I can remember and practice the following:

  1. Surrender to possibility.  There is freedom and power in knowing that the less control I try to exert, the more that is possible
  2. Relax (see number 1)
  3. Be present.  Regretting the past or worrying about the future takes me out of the moment.  Being in the moment and being present allows me to fully experience what I’m going through
  4. My surgeon is an awesome guy and one of the best knee guys in the world
  5. I’m tough
  6. I have my two favorite women in the world ready to take care of me

Here’s a teaser for tomorrow: I will post a brief “how am I feeling” note before I go into the twilight zone.  And then at some point in the afternoon or evening, I will post again.  All drugged up.  You do not want to miss this!

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