Drawing a Blank – oh here’s something

My mind is sort of blank.  I can’t really think of anything to write.  Sure I could write some flash fiction but that would seem like forcing it. Actually, I am writing simply because I said I would.

Elizabeth and Simone start a new school tomorrow.  That’s something.  They had an ice cream social tonight as a way to sort of get into the swing of things.  Elizabeth was so sweet when she met a super shy fellow fourth grader.  Elizabeth is the new girl and she was comforting the other. I know they will be great friends.

And Simone just started taking over first grade.  Already established as the leader who is unafraid to discover the aquarium, ask what’s in it, find out it’s hermit crabs, and move on to the next thing when most of the kids are still back on discovering the hermit crabs.

Oh, and we ran into my Butler creative writing professor, Dan Barden, for the second time in three days. Not only does he enjoy sausage fest, but he also has a son in fifth grade at Elizabeth’s and Simone’s new school.  It’s going to be a good year.


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