Me and Rose

Needs a little work but I like this idea. Tell me what you think (and if you recognize the not-so-subtle inspiration).
Me and Rose was getting along fine in those days. We’d had a few years in a row of good crops. Her boy was finally starting to warm up to me a bit. And it never occurred to Rose that I was the reason Jessup hadn’t come back from prison that day. Or that I was the one that framed him in the first place – so thoroughly had I frames him in fact that even ol’ Jessup thought he’d killed that girl. Hell, I almost began to believe it myself. No, Rose never gave it a thought. But I did. Every god forsaken minute of every day and every night. I hadn’t intended to take it this far. I’d frame him. Kill him. Take his money. Run. That was it. But I got greedy. And when he asked me to give his love to Rose with his dying breath I hatched a new plan. I’d give my love to Rose. Whether she wanted it or not. Only it didn’t work out that way cuz I messed up and I went and fell in love with her and she with me. That summer, though, if I didn’t kill that federal Marshall, I’d lose this life I’d built. And worse, I’d lose Rose.

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