4 minutes to go

The difference this time around is that I will write every day. Not skipping 3 days then writing 4 times in a day.
Your and my compromise is that this means sometimes I will start 4 or fewer minutes before midnight.
Here is a challenge I’ve heard of before. What is the shortest story you can write? Was it Bradbury or was it Orwell who wrote the famously short story, “Baby shoes for sale. Never Used.”? Maybe it was Hemingway. Anyway, Google it and let me know.
Here’s my attempt at a freakishly short story:
Jimmy survived the war with his life but little else. He drove on the hot dusty dirt road toward his house, his woman, his boys, and his dog and everything that ever made sense before the war started. A guided sidewinder missile streaked over the next hill. Shit. He hit the gas. As he caught air over the dirt road hill, he caught sight of the 300 pound charge destroying his home. President James Harden skidded to a stop. Reached into the back seat and grabbed the suitcase. He opened the football and pushed the button. Assholes can decide if killing his family was worth atomic winter.

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