Common Core presentation at STA. My notes.

The following are my notes (primarily questions) from:

“Dr. Ted Caron will be illustrating the transition of the English / Language Arts standards and assessments”

Ted Caron, PhD

Ms. Gardner is Dr. Caron’s partner.
Definition of Standards – measuring what kids learned. Definition of prescriptive curriculum – telling teachers how to teach. Does CC include both?
Standard seems like a “what they need to know/demonstrate”. Most of what was presented tonight sounds like “how to teach”
Will CC facilitate innovation or discourage it?
How does CC accommodate diverse goals and not just college? e.g. craft,  skilled, etc.
How much federal $$ is tied to adopting CC?
Why the focus on prep for jobs and college at such a young age?
Why are we being so hard on our kids? STA has done a wonderful job over the years. Many parents who went to STA themselves send their kids here because of how well STA has done. Why do we need this added rigor? Why now? What problem are we trying to solve?
Creativity not important? Creativity not considered academic anymore?
Hearing a lot of judgements about how things are done pre-CC.
Reading “any ol’ text” is not allowed. Will there be a list of allowed texts? that sounds prescriptive and not like a standard.
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2 Responses to Common Core presentation at STA. My notes.

  1. Mark Schechtet says:

    It seems as though you are still in the discovery phase. Have you investigated what if anything you can do to change the policies you feel are bad for your children? Support the policies that are good? Maryland has been a leader in developing CC, and Maryland is known for having one if the best educational systems in the country. My first take on CC is that it will help those states or districts the most which are now doing most poorly. While parents in average performing states are left wondering how CC is really going to improve anything while they also struggle with the normal resistance to change.


  2. Insanity6 says:

    Sure, lets bring up the bad schools, bring down the good ones and everyone will be swell in the Utopia created by everyone being equal in every way! Overall we will all be dumber and poorer… Ugh…. I’ll opt out of that and choose to be better, thank you…. come and get me if you don’t like it.


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