Leadership – Making a Difference

I haven’t posted since Thursday night.  So what have I been up to?  Creating.  Inspiring.  Making a difference.

This weekend was the kickoff of the 11 week program known as Vision in Action (VIA).  I am one of the coaches.  To give you an idea what goes on, here is a list of things that happened this weekend:

  • Tens of thousands of hungry people got to eat because a motivated group of leaders decided it would be so
  • Fourteen people made connections with folks in their life and elevated those relationships
  • Simply by bringing connection, joy, and passion, several people were surprised by the value they are capable of creating – starting with almost nothing of material value
  • More than a baker’s dozen of leaders got clear about what their vision for this world is and started on their plan to make it a reality

No excuses, though.  I will get caught up on my 90 in 90.  I have until Wednesday to finish.  So 90 posts in 90 days comes down to 5 more posts in 3 more days.  I can hear the crowds cheering at the finish line I’m so close!!

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