My Own Personal (Travelling) Jesus

Travelling Jesus

traveling jesus

Look at him.  Look at that face.  Not approving.  But not judging. But He still has His beads.  Not only has He forgiven you, but He is giving a subtle nod to the good time you had last night.

This is Travelling Jesus.  Of Le Fer Hall at St. Mary of the Woods College.

For decades He’s been providing absolution of everything from sleeping through mass to sneaking back onto campus after curfew.

What did He do to get those beads?  Whatever it was, He is obviously proud.  Why else would He still be wearing them?

He has also been providing entertainment.  Well meaning Catholic girls who work hard at a competitive school need to blow off a little steam.  Or move Travelling Jesus around La Fer Hall.  Either way, He is happy to help.

By the way, what is that on His chest?  Mick Jagger’s lips and tongue? An acorn?  Is it faceless Moe Howard?  Maybe one of the Catholic girls will know.

My personal relationship with Him is retroactive.  I know Him only through stories.  Even though I was a student at Rose-Hulman “just across the tracks,” and even though I spent many days at The Woods and Le Fer Hall visiting my college sweetheart, and even though I participated in my share of shenanigans, I never knew Him.  Never even heard of Him.  But after college, I heard all sorts about Him.

Like many things in life, it’s about the memories.  In this case, it’s about other people’s memories.  Maybe He will forgive me for not knowing Him sooner.


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