3 posts in 1 night

Let’s be honest.  After my 90 day run of 90 posts in 90 days, I will not worry about “catching up”.  If I miss 2 days as I did this weekend, I will simply write on the third.  For it does no good to worry myself with “catching up”.  My post-90 day commitment is to write every day.  Not to write a certain amount in a certain period of days or weeks.  So, if I do not write today, I can not make it up tomorrow.  When it is tomorrow, how can I possibly write today.

This can extend to arcs that are longer or shorter than a day.  For example, if I were to fail to write 90 posts in 90 days (which I will not, but hypothetically), it would seem ludicrous to write 180 posts in 90 days to make up for it.

This is not unlike a commitment to lead a life worth living every day.  If I am not courageous today, I can not be extra courageous tomorrow to make up for today.  I will either be courageous tomorrow or I will not be courageous tomorrow.  If I am not present and aware today, I can not be extra present and aware tomorrow to make up for today.  In fact, to the extent that I am concerned tomorrow with not being present and aware today, I will not be present and aware tomorrow.

So it is with a twinge of irony that I say… If you miss a day of anything, simply forget about it.  That day is done and gone.  It will do you no good to think on it.  It will only take away from today.  I missed a week of writing once.  I asked a friend how I should go about getting caught up.  He said, forget about getting caught up.  Just write today.

Do that’s what I’m doing.  I’m writing.

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