I’m a Toilet Hero

I discovered something about myself. I’m not sure whether to be proud or ashamed.
My work ID badge fell into the toilet while I was getting situated in the stall. It’s one of those automatic deals that flushes when you stand up.
I quick did an assessment. Hadn’t done any big potty (false alarm – you’ve been there I’m sure). Most of the business end of the water had made it down already. I was well hydrated that day. Getting a replacement would not be easy or painless and would involve me being late for the kickball game (it was after 5 and a valid ID badge is a prerequisite to conveniently exit the building).
My brain processed all of that information and made the decision to go for it in less than 2 seconds. And I aggressively plunged my hand in and grabbed that ID badge. Just as it was about to go down the throat of the commode.
I washed my hands for a long time and rinsed the badge. There’s plenty of anti microbial goo around the place. And I saved the badge and my kickball punctuality.
Judge me if you will. But I learned something about myself – I have a fast brain, quick reflexes, and I don’t mind plunging my fist into a recently soiled john.

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